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Well-woman exams are a way to take care of a woman’s special health needs. The obstetrics and gynecology team at Midatlantic OBGYN, with offices in Centreville and Leesburg, Virginia, cares deeply about women’s health, and they perform annual wellness exams to help you stay healthy. Reach out to the practice to book your appointment today by calling the nearest office or booking online.

Well Woman Exams Q & A

Why is an annual well-woman exam important?

Keeping your body healthy should be one of your primary goals. After all, you can’t care for your family, perform well at work, or feel good about yourself if you have lingering health problems.

An annual well-woman exam includes a comprehensive checkup to ensure you’re doing all you can to live your best life. The exam also includes diagnostic tests to determine if you’re at risk for disease or have medical conditions that warrant treatment. If you have a health problem, early intervention gives you the best chance of recovery without complications.

When should a woman have her first annual well-woman exam?

A female benefits from having her first well-woman exam between the ages of 13 and 15. This exam doesn’t include a pelvic exam (unless she’s having unusual symptoms such as heavy bleeding) but creates an opportunity to build a trusting relationship with an OBGYN.

Pap smears and pelvic exams generally start when you’re 21 years old. If your results are normal, you should have these screening tests once every three years after that or on a schedule that’s determined by your provider.

If you or a loved one is due for a well-woman exam, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment at Midatlantic OBGYN.

What happens during an annual well-woman exam?

A well-woman exam involves a comprehensive check of your health, including your vitals such as height, weight, and blood pressure. Your provider talks to you about your family’s medical history, your menstrual cycle, and sexual history, as well as any surgeries or prior pregnancies.

Then you undergo a pelvic exam and clinical breast exam. Regular mammograms are recommended once you reach the age of 40.

At this checkup, you can discuss any unusual symptoms you may be experiencing. This includes unusual vaginal discharge, irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding, pain during intercourse, pelvic pain, or bloating. If you’re concerned about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), you can request testing. Discrete, professional STD testing is available but not included as a regular part of your well-woman visit.

If you’re due for your annual well-woman exam, contact Midatlantic OBGYN. Call the nearest office or schedule your appointment using this website.