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Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives

Are you tired of taking pills every day or having difficulty remembering to get injections every 3 months? There are long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) that you can choose to protect yourself from unplanned pregnancy which last for years.

Comprehensive Pregnancy Care

When you’re pregnant, you want the highest standard of medical care available. Receive comprehensive pregnancy care from the obstetrics and gynecology team at Midatlantic OBGYN with locations in Centreville and Leesburg, Virginia.

Do you struggle with Incontinence? We can help!

If you’re tired of using pads or avoiding social occasions because of unexpected urine leaks, the team at Midatlantic OBGYN can help. The compassionate team offers comprehensive care for incontinence at their offices in Centreville and Leesburg, Virginia.

New Service!

MidAtlantic OB/GYN recently shared that we added three new providers to our Centreville and Leesburg locations. In addition to our new providers we also have NEW TREATMENT OPTIONS! We are pleased to offer you Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

New Providers!

MidAtlantic OB/GYN is happy to announce that WE ARE OPEN, FULLY FUNCTIONAL, and GROWING in both our Centreville, VA and Leesburg, VA locations!! We are extremely excited to introduce three new providers along with our current providers Dr. Jasser Thiara,

COVID-19 Update

MidAtlantic OB/GYN is happy to announce that WE ARE OPEN and FULLY FUNCTIONAL in both our Centreville and Leesburg, VA locations!! We want to share a few updates with you as we continue to navigate through this interesting time of uncertainty.