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Make cord blood and cord tissue banking part of your family’s plan.

Thinking about saving your baby's cord blood and cord tissue? You’re not alone and chances are you have lots of questions: "Does it make sense for my family?" , "Which bank should I choose?", "Is it worth it?"

The fact is, cord blood stem cells are doing amazing things today — healing serious diseases and changing lives for the better. And thanks to a vital research community, the treatment potential for cord blood and cord tissue continues to grow.

Benefits of Cord Blood - Proven. Progress. Potential.

The blood within your newborn baby’s umbilical cord contains young stem cells that can renew themselves and become specialized cells that have the ability to help heal the body. Cord blood has been used in transplant medicine for thirty years and is now being used in regenerative medicine research.

Cord Blood - Progress and Potential in Regenerative Medicine.
Areas of Potential Use: Autism and Cerebral Palsy

A powerful and promising science has emerged over the last few years. Regenerative Medicine (Regen Med) is the science of living cells being used to potentially regenerate or facilitate the repair of cells damaged by disease, genetics, injury or simply aging. Research is underway with the hope that cord blood stem cells may prove beneficial in young patients facing life-changing medical conditions once thought untreatable.

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